History course proposal by TDSB against Turks

2008-01-22 18:58:00

Dear Penny Maidens and David Tomczak:
History means different things to different people, but the government institutions, educational facilities should assure that history taught in our schools should be accurate, balanced, and not to sow the seeds of ethnic hatred and revenge. Of course, many countries teach history based in hatred. It is painful to see Canada among these countries because of the approved curriculum at the TDSB.


Canada is a home for all nations and ethnic groups. Among each one of these groups one can find individuals who speak with such venom about the wrongs that “their people” have suffered from “others” and try to draw attention of hatred for “others.” 


Intellectuals should never allow that hatred grow in Canada because it is not morally appropriate. The recent attempt of some Armenians in the world, including Canada is based to saw hatred against the Turks, and now they try to upset our children in schools with this proposal.


We do not want to prove here who was right and who was wrong because true intellectuals support the idea that this duty is upon the historians. However, we would like to mention that this course is one-sided, ignoring the even larger killings by Armenians of Turks, Jews and Muslims in this inter-ethnic conflict during the First World War in Ottoman Empire and the Caucasus and the recent occupation of Azerbaijani territory: Karabakh and their atrocities in Khojali and other towns and villages of Azerbaijan just 15 years ago.


If the supporters of this project insist on ‘genocide’ of Armenians by Turks why do they then forget about the genocide of Azerbaijanis by Armenians? This is the big question of our children to those who support the project in TDSB. They think that their teachers are not just and have a bias against them.
We kindly ask you to cancel teaching this course because a
ny course, especially the one relating to controversial historical past should be discussed by historians first. Otherwise, Canadian multiculturalism will be damaged and our school yards will turn into ethnic battlegrounds and hatred. We hope that the TDSB will have wisdom and vision, and will carefully examine the historical facts.


Yours sincerely,
Azerbaijani Women’s Support Centre

Yorum Yaz