Khurshid-Banu Natavan (1830-1897)

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Khurshid-Banu Natavan (1830-1897)


Daughter of the last Karabakh khan – Mehdi Kulu-khan, Natevan was one of the best lyrical poetesses of Azerbaijan, advanced and bright person of her time.

Natavan was born on August 15, 1830 in Shusha. Being the only child in the family she was the only heir of the Karabakh khan and after her father’s death she was closely engaged in philanthropy, the social and cultural development of Karabakh. Among Natavan’s most famous deeds was a water-pipe that she laid down to Shusha in 1883, thus solving the water problem of the Shusha people. Natavan also founded and sponsored several literary societies in Shusha. One of them called "Majlisi Uns" became especially popular and concentrated major poetic-intellectual forces of Karabakh of that time.

In 1885 Natavan lost her beloved son Abbas who died from tuberculosis. Beginning from this date her poems, which were generally lyric and wistful, became permeated with a tragic sense of loss. Soon she fell ill by herself and in 1897 died in Shusha. She was buried in Agdam in the family cemetery named "Imarat". As a sign of respect, people carried her corpse from Shusha to Agdam on foot.

Natavan’s literary heritage is consisted of mainly ghazals which major characteristics are humanism, kindness, friendship and love.



1. To My Son Abbas
2. Lilac
3. Time has plunged me into an ocean of pain and woe...
4. Beloved, how could you break the oath to me you swore?

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