KAFKAZIN SESI and Yonge Street Review newspaper

2007-03-24 17:29:00

  CANADATÜRK Gazetesi'nde bir sayfa olarak yayınlanan Kafkas'ın Sesi, Azerbaijan Cultural and Education Center tarafindan hazırlanmaktadır. Kafkas'ın Sesi'nin yayınlanmis sayılarına ulaşmak için aşağıdaki linklere tıklayınız. http://canadaturk.ca/kafkas/index.html   Toronto şəhərində nəşr edilən  Rus dilli Yonge Street Review qəzetinde cıxmış  yazısını bu saytdan oxuya bilərsiniz: http://www.newcanada.com/251/251-00015-azer.htm     Мы уже не раз рассказывали о разных общинах и землячествах из бывшего Союза. Наша сегодняшняя короткая информация – из жизни азербайджанской общины Большого Торонто, объединенной в Федерацию азербайджанских ассоциаций Канады.   Мария Краев... Devamı

Azerbaijan Cuisine

2007-01-09 20:58:00

Azerbaijan cuisine is traditionally considered to be an exotic element of the national culture for foreigners. And it is indeed as it has everything to be exotic. It is original, poignant and reflects the richness of the country by itself. It constitutes the abundance of meat, fish and vegetables dishes seasoned by sweet scented greens and spices. Any experienced gourmand visiting the republic would be amazed by fine taste and delicate flavour of the Azerbaijan cuisine. Dishes are unique and original, and can not be confused with dishes of other national cuisines. The Azerbaijan cookery has preserved old cooking methods although has modified them taking into account up-to-date techniques. In cafes and restaurants some national dishes are served in special crockery in which the dish is prepared. Below are some traditional recipies that constitute the core of the national cuisine.   For more information, please, visit the web site: http://slis.cua.edu/ihy/sp2000/cuisines/recipies.htm, and also: http://www.ziyasahin.com/web/index.php?lang=aze&module=kitchen   Devamı

Azerbaijani Women’s Support Centre

2007-01-08 22:52:00

This web site is devoted to the women of Azerbaijan by the Azerbaijani Women's Support Centre in Canada. Our contact e-mail address is: azerwomensc@yahoo.ca.   The Azerbaijani Women’s Support Centre is a non-profit organization targeting to serve the women in Azerbaijani community in Ontario and Canada. It was registered on March 16, 2005, then became a member of the National Council of Women of Canada. The Azerbaijani Women’s Support Centre also co-operates with the Federation of the Canadian Azerbaijani Associations and contributes to its activities as an organizing member organization.   The objectives of the Centre are to support women in our community through different activities. We achieve these goals through the counseling, training in gender equality, spiritual and moral support to the distressed women who lost their close ones and are far away from their homeland. We have professionals who managed to achieve the high result from these activities. Besides that, the Centre together with the Federation of Canadian Azerbaijani Associations commemorates the national holidays and important days of Azerbaijan and Canada. Recently, we have published the postal cards in order to protests against the genocide of the Azerbaijanis in different periods of time by Armenians and also against all genocide and ethnic cleansing actions in the world.   The Centre also conducts research on the gender policy in Azerbaijan adn Canada. One of the researches was on Khojali women who returned from Armenian captivity. The ethnic cleansing and genocide target women mostly for different purposes. The women suffer from rape in ethnic violence and war. Rape was one of the tools of ethnic cleansing, a way to terrorize the Azerbaijani population and make sure that they did not come back. Rape was also a form of punishment for the Azerbaijanis. By raping their women, the Armenians sought to wound the pride of their oppone... Devamı

History of Azerbaijani Women

2007-01-08 20:17:00

  Azerbaijani women were hsitorically very well respected in family and were independent. The first recorded source about it is the legends about the Amazons - a warlike tribe of women warriors. Althougn, they have existed in various cultures throughout the world, however, Amazons are closely associated with Azerbaijan. For instance, ancient Greeks believed that Caucasian Albania was the native land of the Amazons, which the northern part of Azerbaijan. As a proof, they have shown Albanian women who served in the armies of Caucasian Albania when they fought against the Roman invaders during the 1st century BC.   Strabo reported: "Also the Amazons, it is said, live in the mountains of the Caucasian Albania. Theophanes, who took part in Pompeius campaign (106 BC-48 BC) and marched on the country of the Albanians, says that the Geles and the Leges - Scythians - lived between the Amazons and the Albanians.There was a river called Mermadalis, running between these tribes and the Amazons. Others, however, among whom were Metrodorus the Sceptic, and Hypsicrates, who were also familiar with these regions, wrote that the Amazons lived near the border with Gagarians in the northern promontories of the Caucasus called the Ceraunian Mountains.   Left: Note the apparel of th woman typical of Amazons, wearing a sword and two cases of ski - one to hold her bow and the other, her arrows.   "The Amazons spend their time isolated from men, occupying themselves with plowing and sowing, planting, taking their herds to pasture and, especially, in breeding horses. The more courageous among them engage in hunting on horseback and exercise martial arts. "In their youth, all of these women have had their right breast cut off to enable a more effective use of their right arm, especially in throwing the javelin. They also make use of the bow, the axe, and a light buckler (a shield worn on the arm). They prepare helmets, cloth... Devamı