Spirituality without Islam: The Example of 'The forty Rules

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              9 May 2012 / DR. NAZILA ISGANDAROVA, TODAY’S ZAMAN   As an outspoken author, columnist and academic, Elif Shafak has made an impact on Turkish literature. She is the author of works including “Pinhan” (The Sufi, which won the Mevlana Prize in 1998), “Şehrin Aynaları” (Mirrors of the City), “Mahrem” (The Gaze, which earned her the Union of Turkish Writers’ Prize in 2000), “Med-Cezir,” “Bit Palas” (The Flea Palace), “The Saint of Incipient Insanities” (Araf), “The Bastard of Istanbul” (Baba ve Piç, a 2006 bestseller) and “Siyah Süt” (Black Milk). Her novel “The Forty Rules of Love” (Aşk), published by Viking/Penguin in English and by publishing house Doğan Kitap in Turkish, became one of the bestselling books in Turkey in 2010. The book is about love and an invitation to a journey in search of true love, which overcomes all human-made boundaries, including borders, genders, race, etc. The book is all about the story of the heroes, who are in search of true and eternal love. It starts with a description of the ordinary life of a Jewish-American housewife, Ella Rubenstein, in Boston. Ella is 40 years old and unhappily married with three children. Her husband, David, is a successful dentist; however, he fails to attend to the needs of his wife and betrays her. She is not happy with “being the mother, the wife, the dog walker and the housekeeper…” Ella decides to work; however, it is not so easy. Ella has a degree in English literature, but she has been out of the workplace since graduation. However, David helps her find a job as an editor at a publishing company, as compensation for his be... Devamı

Handling Tough Times in Family at Islamic Institute of Toronto

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2010 Fall “A family that cannot play together cannot stay together.” One of the main reasons for the above is the type of communication, or lack thereof, within the family. The quality of communication always reflects the level of self-esteem that each individual brings to the family. It is about spontaneity, creativity, self-disclosure, and risk-taking. When we are not congruent in our communication, then problems of self-esteem, anger and self control and problems concerning unfinished business from childhood become obstacles in building the positive communication in family life. The workshop is designed to for families who are seeking to improve everyday communication among family members. The goal of the workshop is to teach communication techniques to improve the relationships in the family and to nurture in family members the capacity to engage in mindful communication with each other.   We will focus on family connections which start with enhanced self-esteem and how to help individuals to connect to their strengths and internal resources. We will also explore the five types of marriage and show how stable marriages have matched interaction styles and unstable marriages have mismatched interaction styles.   OBJECTIVES Participants will learn:   •How the quality of communication affects family relations. •The impact of spoken and unspoken family rules on communication patterns through generations. •How to handle difficult issues.       INSTRUCTOR:   Dr. Nazila Isgandarova is a Doctor of Ministry  in Pastoral Counseling and Family Therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University.  She is a Spiritual and Religious Care Coordinator at Cummer Lodge Long Term Care Home (Toronto) and Chaplain at the Wenleigh Long Term Care Home in Mississauga.  She is currently an instructor with the Continuing Education Department of Emmanuel... Devamı

How to Help Muslim Families in Crisis

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Date: October 17, 24, and 31, 2010 Time: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Location: Noor Cultural Centre 123 Wynford Drive Toronto, Ontario M3C 1K1   INTRODUCTION A family is a group of people who are important to each other and offer each other love and support, especially in times of crises. The Muslim family is not limited to just parent-child relationships. It involves mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, neighbors, and other persons who have important roles in our lives. Currently, there are very serious issues facing the Muslim families in Canada.  The social, economic and political problems facing Muslim families cross all racial and ethnic backgrounds. These problems include but not limited to domestic violence, marriage and parenting, substance dependency (alcohol and drugs) and health and wellness.  This workshop will review the development of systems theories and the implications for clinical practice. It will instruct the participants how to use many different approaches, techniques and theories in the field and integrate universal Islamic values to produce positive changes and results. We will utilize the techniques and models of the family therapy as an effective way of working with Muslim couples and families. LEARNING OBJECTIVES        To enhance the knowledge about humans as part of larger systems, especially family systems;        how to use to integrate the Islamic understanding of family and Western model of family therapy;        to become much more aware of the area of professional ethics;        examine a number of key assumptions regarding the Muslim family in general;        discuss several dimensions of the family, including types and size of the family, family-kin relationships, types of marriage, traditional v... Devamı

Concert by the Federation of Canadian Azerbaijani Associations

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Federation of Canadian Azerbaijani Associations organized Azerbaijani concert in Toronto on December 4th, 2009. The president of the Federation Akbar Majidov said that the event was dedicated to the solidarity day of world Azerbaijanis and the muqeddes Qurban bayrami (Eid al-Adha). The well-known journalist Scot Taylor and the leader of the Iraqi turkmen in Canada Asif Sertturkmen also welcomed the guests and shared their solidarity with Azerbaijanis.   The classic Azerbaijani, Sufi, traditional music of Iraq turkmens, folk music of Azerbaijan and Turkish songs by well-known Turkish singer Murat Toy and dance group of Anadolu Folk Dance entertained the guests.     The Turkish Airlines supported the event by giving two free tickets to Azerbaijan. Those who won the tickets can use their tickets within one year. The realtor Erkan Sen also supported the event with many suprise gifts.           ... Devamı

The Angel of Mercy

2009-11-17 18:45:00
The Angel of Mercy |  görsel 1
The Angel of Mercy |  görsel 2

Azerbaijani Women's Support Centre organized a special concert program dedicated to the memories of a prominent Azerbaijani scholar Aida Imanguliyeva together with the Silk Road Chamber Orchestra in the forum "Muslim Youth in Canada"of Canadian Council of Muslim Women with support from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The event happened on October 31st in Hotel Novovel of Toronto.     Devamı