Azerbaijan and Jamaica join Carassauga

2008-05-26 07:15:00

Azerbaijan and Jamaica join Carassauga By: Amit Gossai  May 23, 2008 09:53 PM - It's referred to as the celebration of cultures and, now in its 23rd year, Carassauga, one of Ontario's largest annual Festival of Cultures, opened its doors tonight with 23 cultural pavilions representing over 40 countries.Continually growing since 1986, Carassauga added two new pavillions this year —Azerbaijan and Jamaica."Carassauga is growing," said Jennifer Bolton, the festival's vice chairperson. "We try to incorporate every ethic community as possible. But the future for Carassauga is for us to amalgamate all the pavilions into one gigantic one."As guests entered Huron Park Arena, the sounds of Azerbaijani music filled the top of the facility while soft Hawaiian sounds echoed from the bottom."We've always had a close relationship with the Turkish Pavilion," said Azerbaijan Pavilion chairperson Ferruh Aslanov. "But our people always wanted a pavilion to call our own, so this year we decided to branch off."Azerbaijan culture seekers are catered to with homemade kebabs, shawarma and sweets including an Azerbaijani speciality, Gozleme, a crepe with cheese and parsley. While Akbar Majidov serenades the room with the Tar, an instrument similar to the guitar, traditional costumes, antique rugs and gifts fill the walls.At the Hawaiian Pavilion, gift stands and displays fill the arena with cool island sounds in the background.Guests have an array of merchandise available, including coconut bras, grass skirts and, of course, aloha shirts."This year we're expecting way more visitors," said Hawaii Pavilion chairperson Mela Lilia Urjarte-Tan, who estimated 14,000 passport punches last year. "Hawaii is well done around the world. When you say aloha, people will answer aloha. It has to be one of the most popular sayings."With more than 15 countries being represented in the International Pavilion held at Tomken Twin Arena, Bo... Devamı


2008-04-07 19:23:00

    By launching a new service under the category of JOBS, we aim to support you to find jobs. The following job advertisements have been provided by various government departments and organizations. Any questions regarding these advertisements should be directed to the source web site for resolution. Devamı

The new website of AzCAN TV

2008-03-09 00:21:00

We are happy to announce that the website of AzCAN TV has been launched. You can visit the website at:     Devamı

History course proposal by TDSB against Turks

2008-01-22 18:58:00

Dear Penny Maidens and David Tomczak:  History means different things to different people, but the government institutions, educational facilities should assure that history taught in our schools should be accurate, balanced, and not to sow the seeds of ethnic hatred and revenge. Of course, many countries teach history based in hatred. It is painful to see Canada among these countries because of the approved curriculum at the TDSB.   Canada is a home for all nations and ethnic groups. Among each one of these groups one can find individuals who speak with such venom about the wrongs that “their people” have suffered from “others” and try to draw attention of hatred for “others.”    Intellectuals should never allow that hatred grow in Canada because it is not morally appropriate. The recent attempt of some Armenians in the world, including Canada is based to saw hatred against the Turks, and now they try to upset our children in schools with this proposal.   We do not want to prove here who was right and who was wrong because true intellectuals support the idea that this duty is upon the historians. However, we would like to mention that this course is one-sided, ignoring the even larger killings by Armenians of Turks, Jews and Muslims in this inter-ethnic conflict during the First World War in Ottoman Empire and the Caucasus and the recent occupation of Azerbaijani territory: Karabakh and their atrocities in Khojali and other towns and villages of Azerbaijan just 15 years ago.   If the supporters of this project insist on ‘genocide’ of Armenians by Turks why do they then forget about the genocide of Azerbaijanis by Armenians? This is the big question of our children to those who support the project in TDSB. They think that their teachers are not just and have a bias against them.  We kindly ask you to cancel teaching this course because any course, especially the ... Devamı

Azerbaycan Dili Hefte Sonu Mektebi Şagirdlerinin Çıxışı

2007-12-17 02:09:00

  TDSB-un nezdinde fealiyyet gösteren Azerbaycan dili hefte sonu mektebinin bir qrup şagirdi dekabrin 15-de CH Best School-da tebdir heyata keçirdiler. Şagirdler birinci rübün başa çatması münasibetile Azerbaycan dilinde öyrendikleri şerler, oyunlar ve mahnılarla valideynler ve CH Best School-da tehsil alan diger telebeler qarşısında çıxış etdiler. Valideynler mektebin müellimesi Yegane Ceferovaya çekdiyi zehmetden dolayı teşekkürlerini ifade etdiler. Mekteb qış fasilesinden sonra fealiyyetine yanvar ayının 7-de başlayacaq.       Devamı