The Nectar of Passion: A New Novel about Love, Tolerance, Immigr

2013-01-29 17:02:00


 "The Nectar of Passion" describes the challenges of Gunel, who is a first-year university student from Azerbaijan. She considers her first day as a special day; however, the first day of the semester begins with an intense and emotional rivalry with Sheila. Nevertheless, she also has a powerful support from Adir, a Jewish boy wearing a kippah.  If they will fall in love, how their families will react? Will their love survive obstacles of religion and culture? 
            The book also describes the challenges faced by immigrants in Canada, including settlement and adjustment. It gives a detailed description of their experience in renting a home, maintaining a western style house, or managing a budget. The culture shock is also presented as one of the challenges, especially in areas where cultural diversity is not welcome.
            In Habil and Elioz’s experience, the writer emphasizes with feelings of immigrant parents who experience unemployment, discrimination, and social isolation. The writer tries to present the picture of the life style of immigrant in poverty, language barriers and feelings of marginalization that reduce the quality of life of many immigrant families. These problems become the major source of stress of the immigrant families and disrupt the traditional roles and patterns of interaction. The families try to seek the new ways to deal with their children who gradually lose their cultural heritage.
            Nazila also uses a creative approach and freedom of expression to promote democracy and respect for human rights in Azerbaijan. She wants to ensure that a wider Canadian and international audience is informed about the crisis of democracy in Azerbaijan today. She invites the young generation of immigrant children and youth to support the democratic movement in the world.
Nazila is an internationally published researcher focusing on Islamic spiritual and religious care in a healthcare setting, pastoral counseling in a multi-faith context, and Muslim identity in the West. She has led many research projects on religious and spiritual issues in a clinical setting and presented in international and national conferences. Some of them have been published and are in use by chaplains and pastoral counsellors in Canada. Her new book is available here

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